At MO we take a unique approach. Most of our leather comes from locally sourced thrift stores, or the forgotten recesses of our clients' closets. Yes, we 'recycle' leather. While style is short lived, leather itself does not have an expiry date. When it is necessary, we source our leather from our community of trusted merchants. Choice is yours.


Our favoured articles of clothing to work with. Mens cuffs, women wrislets, belts, and bags. Each piece carries its own distinct texturing, mood and shape. Never the same, always one of a kind for a one of a kind you. Have something in mind to create? Contact us.

About Marina Ortman

“Born from Rebellion, Worn with Attitude” a motto crafted by leather designer, Marina Ortman, has become her mantra and the moving force for all aspects of her life. Ortman initially began her vision under the house of DOME’s umbrella. Over time, as Ortman grew and continued to develop and design for DOME’, her creative inspiration outgrew the scope of the DOME’ concept. Today, Ortman is reinventing herself with the launch of her new brand, MO. With its main focus continuing to be on leather couture, MO’s flowing dynamic has given Ortman more freedom to explore an integration of her captivating technique into interior decor.
Born in an industrial settlement town in the harsh Siberian countryside, both of Ortman’s parents were hard working, strict soviet communist party members. Ortman’s earliest memories are a mixture of innocent childhood games played in the crisp northern air and the brutal economic hardships brought on by Gorbachov bringing the Soviet Union into the free market economy. “Ever since I can remember I wanted to leave Russia, and when I was 20 I finally was able to start a new life here in Canada.” Ortman exclaims. Since moving to Calgary, Ortman has obtained her degree from the University of Calgary, and established new roots. “I enjoy staying active in the local arts community, as well as supporting start-ups and evolving artists.” She says, but admits that most of her time is spent in her studio.
“The drive behind my vision is necessity; the necessity to give leather a new skin and to shatter the preconceived notion of leather fashion. What I mean is, leather has grown into a stereotypical garment - a bomber jacket, or biker jacket, you know the look; straight lines, heavy zippers, snaps and hard wear. I am absolutely ecstatic to commence this new approach to leather designs. I have been told by a lot of people that they wish there was more to leather other than what is on the market.” says Ortman.


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